New Release

Greenmout Foggy Nozzle

As its name states, this nozzle is purposely created for little dedicate flowers and seedbeds. The patented mist pattern makes the water sprays out much more gently and smoothly from the 3 special designed holes.  Not only the mist function is unique, but also the shower pattern which water comes out more centralized and focused. As it leads to save water on where exactly we want to water and reduce the time on watering.

Garden Hose

NEW PATENT PVC Flat Soaker Hose

This new patent soaker hose is made of PVC material for strengthening its durability and built to last. Twice resistant tension than current ones on market.  Water leakage at 1 gallon per minute with 10 psi which is 0.32 more gallon than others. Besides, due to its flat size, more hoses are be able to be loaded while shipping.


Garden Hose Sprinkler

Weight-added stationary sprinkler

The two-wheel base is added extra weight to avoid tipping while performing watering. We give customers 2 solutions to meet the watering purposes: impulse sprinkler for large lawn areas and 2-arms sprinkler for relatively small lawns. The impulse can water up to 40 ft in diameter and 2-arms has ability to water up to 24 feet in diameter