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Together To Know More About Green Mount

A recent statistic shows that more and more people spend at least 8 hours on gardening or outdoor yard activities each week. It has gone up by 60% comparing in 2000’s. And that’s why many retail stores sell many kinds of gardening supplies and equipment. SO WHY do customers choose GREEN MOUNT? HOW useful are GREEN MOUNT products?

Brand Story

GREEN MOUNT was established by two brothers, Joseph and Alex, who are passionate about outdoor gardening. They found that the products selling in either brick and mortar stores or online shops are neither as good nor durable as what they used couple decades ago. The reason behind the poor quality of those mass produced garden tools are the result of low cost production. For true garden lovers these tools are not always satisfying, so Joseph and Alex decided to design and manufacture GREEN MOUNT products with the philosophy of reliable components and premium materials to make sure every piece of item of the GREEN MOUNT products are made with quality.


To this date GREEN MOUNT mainly produces garden watering supplies focusing on watering nozzles, soaker hoses, watering wands, sprinklers and hose accessories. Soon, we are going to add more categories to our list so customers have more choices to choose from.

In short, GREEN MOUNT put customers in priority. We hope everyone can rest assured in using our products, so we put extra efforts on producing premium products.

Together with GREEN MOUNT, we make your garden GREEN again.


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  • Just bought two of your nozzles. I read the literature enclosed with the product and was absolutely appalled at the lack of knowledge that the writer has with the English language. Your website isn’t much better. . . . I have confidence that your product will outshine your written presentation.

    Thomas Van Buskirk

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