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5 Plants That are Suitable to Plant in Winter / GREEN MOUNT

In the chilly winter, a lot of plants wilt because they cannot resist the low temperature. Many people think that winter is not the best timing for planting, so they rather wait and prepare for next spring. In fact, there are still many plants can survive in winter and bloom in the severe temperature. Do you want to add life to your garden and make your garden keep looking beautiful? Here are the top 5 plants that can be planted and survive in winter. Let’s add different colors to our garden and have a wonderful winter.

1. Violas

Viola is a perennial herb. The common flower colors are purple, white and yellow. The flowers and leaves are solitary. It prefers sun that sufficient light is the basic condition for the flourishing of flowers and leaves. However, viola is afraid of strong light, we need to pay more attention. The temperature during the day is within 59 to 77 degree Fahrenheit which is most suitable for flower growth. The night temperature of 37 to 41 degree Fahrenheit, is more conducive to the growth of flower buds. Viola is resistant to chilly and likes to live in the cool temperature.

2. Winter Jasmine

Winter Jasmine is a cluster of deciduous shrubs that blooms for 2 to 3 months each year. The leaves bloom first, and then cut branches after blooming. The flowering period is about 40 to 50 days. The main feature of the Winter Jasmine is just as its name “winter” that it is not afraid of the cold. Regardless of the terroir winter jasmine has strong adaptability.

3. Hellebores

Hellebore is also called “Christmas Rose”. It is an evergreen perennial herb and also known as Lenten roses. The flower is white at the beginning and turns light pink after pollination. It usually blooms in December. Hellebore has strong adaptability, is cold-tolerant and does not strictly require soil. Prefer sunny, cool, well-ventilated and well-drained places.

4. Primrose

Primrose is a biennial herbaceous plant that is mostly cultivated by sowing. It has a shorter development period, shorter plant growth and shorter flowering period. Transplanted seedlings are hard to survive in the summer due to temperature, so primrose is more suitable for winter planting.

5. Heuchera

Heuchera is a cold-tolerant, sunny and shade tolerant plant. It grows well on fertile, well-drained, humus-rich soil. It likes neutral acid, loose and fertile loam. Heuchera is suitable for growing in moist but well-drained, semi-shaded soil. The seedlings grow slowly, yet grow vigorously after the seedlings. It is a rare color-leaf shaded ground cover plant, which is resistant to low temperature of -29 degree Fahrenheit. It is a good choice for gardener to plant in winter.

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