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About March Birth Flower – Daffodils / GREEN MOUNT

Spring came together with March. Many families, gardeners and also Green Mount have been looking forward to this month because the weather is becoming warmer and we could start to beautify our gardens again. Many people started to shovel soil, sprinkle seeds and prepared gardening tools in February and their first flowers in this year have already been blooming.

March is a month full of joy. The birth flower in March is Daffodils. Beautiful Daffodils are well-known flowers to plant in pot, container and in the garden. If you don't know about them and how to grow these flowers, let us give you some insights.

 (Picture from HOUSE BEAUTIFUL)

About Daffodils

  • Brief Introduction

Daffodils are also named Common Daffodils and Trumpet Narcissus. They are perennial and grown in temperate climates around the world. Daffodils develop from a bulb which stores all nutrients required for the stem and flowers and constantly recurring flowers with at least 50 species and many hybrids. Daffodils are usually planted in autumn and will bloom in late winter or early spring, thus daffodils are common flowers in each spring.

  • Colors

Solid yellow and white are the two classic colors of Daffodils. They also come in other colors, such as orange, pink and red.

 (Picture from Spoken Garden)

  • Styles

There are several different flower styles, including trumpets, doubles, split-cups and large-cups.

  • Naturalize

Daffodils are ideal for naturalizing in meadows, wooded areas or near ponds and streams. They are not bothered by deer, rabbits or rodents.


  • Sun         

Daffodils prefer to grow in partial shade or full sun. Do not keep them in the dark; let them bask in the sun. You can look at the photo of the sunlight for garden plants for reference.

 (Picture from GREEN MOUNT)

  • Soil

Daffodils are not fussy about soil, but well-drained soil for successful development is a point should be kept in mind.

  • Water

Daffodils are sensitive to overwatering which induces rotting of bulbs. To provide sufficient water to soil and flowers, soaker hoses are good watering tool. They can save water and keep water underneath the soils. To avoid overwatering water, we can use water timers to set the time and the amount of water or use water nozzles or water wands with adjustable patterns to control the water easily and regularly.

Grow your own beautiful daffodils this year! 

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