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About These Seasonable Flowers - Tulips. / GREEN MOUNT

Mother’s Day is around the corner. There are three kinds of famous flowers to give to mother as Mother’s day flowers, such as roses, tulips and carnations. Tulips are the flowers that only bloom in spring, also represent comfort, coziness and beyond happiness. Tulips are seasonal and meaningful flowers yet also ideal for Mother’s Day.

Are you still considering how to grow gorgeous tulips in your gardens? Here are some instruction of flowers and discussion of the growing tips and points that we should know before starting to plant seeds.










About Tulips


Tulips are grown by bulbs, which are planted in autumn before the ground freezes. By planting varieties with different bloom times, we can have tulips blooming from early to late spring. If we are trying to grow them in pots, we need to plant fresh bulbs each year.

Flowering times depend on the weather conditions and can vary from year to year. They also depend on part of the country that we live in.

Tulips are winter hardy in growing zones 3-8. The flower buds won’t appear until the leaves are about 7” tall. It will take 4-8 weeks for our tulips to bloom once we see the first sign of green leaves. If we live in warmer growing zones, the ideal chilling period for bulb is 10-14 weeks at 35 to 45F.


There are over 150 species of tulips with over 3000 different varieties. As for the shapes of the flowers, they are from simple cups, bowls, and goblets to more complex forms. Depending on the species, tulips have many shapes such as double-petaled, ruffled, or like lilies.


Tulips are the most colorful flowers in the spring. There are all shades of red, pink, white, yellow, orange, and purple which make our gardens livelier.


Four Important factors

Sun Exposure and Shade

Full Sun, Part Shade


Fall and winter rains usually provide adequate moisture, so don’t water them excessively. If the weather is very dry, water the bulbs weekly until the ground freezes.

We can use wands for our seedbeds and flowerbeds. There are many length and spray patterns which are ideal for seedling and watering our Tulips. Don’t forget that irrigation systems and wet soil must be avoided to tulips. The amount of water is important for the tulip bulbs.

Soil Conditions and Type

-Well-drained and never soggy.

-Peat moss or compost may be added to help improve drainage.

-Loamy, Sandy


Apply compost annually to provide nutrients needed for future blooms.


Cut the spent blooms at the base of the tulip stem as soon as the blossoms fade. Green Mount professional pruning shears is ideal for gardening which is easy to hold and ergonomic. Also, this pruner can cut max up to 7/8 inch.

Tulips are common flowers to bloom in spring. Many gardeners start to plant the bulbs in the winter and wait for them to bloom as their first gift in spring.

We hope those knowledge and tips can help you grow them by yourself with big success.

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