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How to Make Sure if the Saw Head is Locked Down Properly / GREEN MOUNT

For quite some times, Green Mount has been planning to produce a time-saving and labor-saving pole saw for families with tall trees in the gardens. After quite some time of experiment and testing Green Mount has finally launched this amazing pole saw to our product line.

When you receive the pole saw, the saw head and the telescopic pole are separated. “How to determine whether the saw head is locked correctly or not” It has been the main question for many people who try to connect them before using.

If you have the same issue, continue to read this article. It will be helpful.

First, insert the aluminum pole into the saw.

Second, place it like such in the photo. Make sure the aluminum pole click through the 2 holes.

Thirdly, fasten the 2 side locks.

Last, you will hear “CLICK” sound once the locks are fasten in place.

After hearing the sound of “CLICK”, it means that you have connected the pole and the saw head properly.

Green Mount professional pole saw can be extended up to 19 feet for extra reach and leverage. Also, tension spring provides additional pressure for quick and easy sawing at longer distances, pulling branches into saw teeth with less effort. You will love this sharp and sturdy pole saw after using it.

Thank you for reading and it is your turn to install and use the GREEN MOUNT pole saw for trimming your garden.

If you have any questions, don’t be shy to leave the comment below. We will answer your question as soon as possible. We also welcome to leave your valuable reviews of this pole saw on our website.

Together with GREEN MOUNT, we make your garden GREEN again.

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  • How can I order a saw blade for my pole saw ?

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