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GREEN MOUNT Top 5 Vegetables to Plant In Early Spring

Early spring is coming! Although it is still chilly in the early spring, but the change of the temperature is not as low and extreme as the winter. Also, there are fewer insects and diseases around in early spring make it easier to produce lots more fruits, flowers, plants and vegetables. Early spring is a good start for most gardeners to beautify the garden. There are five common vegetables that GREEN MOUNT recommends to every family or gardener to grow in the early spring.


Beet - The most common to be grown in the early spring.

Beet is a biennial crop grown as annual. It is adapted to grow in cool temperatures, making it a perfect vegetable to plant in spring. It thrives when the days are warm (60 to 70 degree Fahrenheit) and night cool (50 to 60 degree Fahrenheit).The root of the beet likes a cool and dry climate also the sweetness will decrease if there is lots of rain, therefore, the quality of spring crops is better than summer.


② Carrot

Carrot is a semi-hardy vegetable and adapted to grow in cold climate. The night temperature of early spring or late fall should be dropping to about 55 degree Fahrenheit, and the daytime temperatures should be averaging 75 degree Fahrenheit for optimum growth of carrot.

Temperature and humidity are mainly factors affecting the germination rate of carrot seeds. Seed germination will consume a lot of oxygen, and lack of air circulation will cause insufficient oxygen then it will not germinate. Carrot is suitable to plant in loose sandy soil. In the early stage of cultivation, we should not apply excessive water to prevent excessive growth of the grown part, and sufficient water should be applied in the later stage to allow the fleshy roots to fully development.


③ Lettuce

Lettuce is an annual or biennial herbaceous crop in the family Asteraceae. There are many varieties, such as Iceberg Lettuce, Boston Lettuce, Rosa Lettuce and Romaine Lettuce. The cool and wet weather of spring and autumn is the perfect time to grow lettuce. In addition, here is an important thing should be kept in mind. Do not plant the potted lettuce too densely between plants, leave some distance appropriately, maintain proper shade, and prevent the soil from being too dry.


④ Broccoli

Broccoli likes full sun. Therefore, when choosing the location of garden, we should choose a place that can provide at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight every day. As for the soil, broccoli preferㄋ 6 to 7 weak acid soil. Since broccoli grows best in moist but not soaking soil, we should water them regularly. Additionally, we can cover them to control weeds and maintain soil moisture.


⑤ Kale

Kale is a cold-hardy crop which is suitable to be planted in early spring. It can not only grow in below freezing temperatures up to -4 degree Fahrenheit, but also harvested while under snow cover. The optimal soil temperature for planting kale is 60 to 65 degree Fahrenheit; on the other hand, sunshine and high light intensity are conductive to the growth of stems and leaves. To stay moist the soil, we should water our kales regularly. Along with cool temperatures, moist soil helps to keep the kale leaves sweet and crisp, rather than tough and bitter.

Recommended to Collocate to Our Vegetables planted

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Green Mount Soaker Hose is also a good partner to our vegetables planted. It is made of quality material of PVC that sustains the extreme weather condition from -4 degree Fahrenheit to 140 degree Fahrenheit. We can plant early spring vegetables without being worried about the problems of pressure that low temperature will effect.

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In short, these two awesome products above are Green Mount highly recommended to everyone when planting our favorite vegetables in early spring. Let get one and try them now.

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