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Uses of GREEN MOUNT Folding Saw and How to Use It Correctly

Green Mount Professional Garden Folding Saw is going to be launched in March. Before it is listed on GREEN MOUNT official website and Amazon, we would like to briefly introduce folding saw so everybody can understand more about this fantastic garden cutting tool and know how to use them.

Introduction - Green Mount Folding Saw


The blade of Green Mount Professional Garden Folding Saw is made by premium carbon steel from Japan. It is durable and the angle of the blade surface is high precision lead to effortless cutting any wood objects. The blades are also sharp and rust resistant. Generally, it is definitely a have duty tool!


The handle of Green Mount Professional Garden Folding Saw is constructed by ABS and TPR combined, so we can use it for a long period of time without feeling sore to our hands. It is designed with the feature of ergonomic and user-friendly.

 Folding Saw is lightweight and portable, we can take it anywhere without burden.


Folding saw is a convenient and versatile tool for most of people who enjoy outdoor garden activities. Except gardening, we can also use it in camping, mountaineering, landscaping and hunting. It is designed and featured to different sizes; we can choose it base on what our needs are.

Different sizes can use for pruning thick branches, woodworking activities and more. It is undoubtedly the best accessory to carry with while doing outdoor activities!

How to Use it?

First – Wear Protective Gears

We can wear gloves and goggles if we are afraid that we would accidentally get hurt by the sharp blades or we would like make sure this task is 100% safe. Moreover, if the thick branches are above our head, we should wear a helmet. Just in case that saw falls off and hits our head while we are not paying attention.

Second – Hold the Handle

Normally, there is a hole in the bottom of the folding saw. We can use a lanyard to go into the hole so that it would not hurt us when it falls. Before cutting the branches or woods, we must confirm the position we want to prune is firmly fasten on the blade.

Third – Where We stand

Do not stand too far away from branches or woods while performing cutting. We can control folding saw easily if it closes to our body. Next, do not over reach. Not only don’t we have sufficient strength or control, but also we will run the risk of toppling over. We can stand on a ladder or step stool to stabilize our weight so as not to fall.

Four – Where We Cut

Never cut a branch flush with the trunk. This will remove the branch collar and prevent the tree or shrub from healing.

Last – Start to Cut

To start to cut, place the saw teeth on top of the branch. When the blade is firmly seated, begin cutting by slowly pulling the blade toward us and carefully moving the blade back and forth. The speed of cutting should be consistent; otherwise, the saw may jump out of the kerf or bind if we cut too fast. Moreover, do not release the branch until the cut is finished. If you let go, the bark will probably tear as the limb breaks from the weight of the branch.

In short, these are five important points we need to put in mind when we are going to use folding saw to cut off branches or woods. Safety is the first priority. Do not hurt ourselves.

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