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Interesting knowledge About National Flowers of South America. / GREEN MOUNT

In this article, we are going to share the national flowers of the countries in South America. For the professional gardeners, these flowers are classic and well-known. They have different meanings for each country that they became its national flower.

Together with GREEN MOUNT, we get to learn more about these beautiful flowers.

  •  Brazil / National Flower: Cattleya Labiata

Cattleya Labiata is commonly known as Cattleya Orchid. It is also called “Queen of Orchids” or “Crimson Cattleya”. Cattleya Labiata not only symbolizes resilience and endurance, but also emblems the national spirit, pride, and identity of Brazil. Cattleya Labiata should not remain dry for a long period, watering should be increased at the end of summer to help the plant initiate flowering. It is better to use water cans if we plant it as a potted plant. If we plant it at the yard, we can use flat soaker hoses or watering wands to provide sufficient water to flowers.

  • Peru & Bolivia / National Flower: Cantua Buxifolia (Sacred flower of Incas)

It is believed that the sacred essences of Incas found in it is what made water stay pure longer. People promoted Cantua Buxifolia’s cultivation throughout Tawantinsuyo, the Incas Empire. They devoted it to the sun, their god. In this way, it became known as the sacred flower of the Incas and the national flower symbol of Peru. Water the plants when the soil begins to dry out. Cantuas need watering on average about once a week. Do not over-water.

  • Argentina & Uruguay / National Flower: Erythrina Crista-Galli

Erythrina Crista-Galli’s dramatic red coloring and profuse blooms make it one of the most striking varieties of flowering coral trees. The flower has played and still playing important role in Argentine cultural heritage and it is the most popular flower native to the north of the country. To protect the flowers and keep the necessary leaves and branches, we need to use shears or folding saws to cut the little or unnecessary branches off so that the nutrition can be provided correctly to the flowers and leaves.

  • Chile / National Flower: Lapageria Rosea (which is called Copihue in Chile)

Copihue is the Chilean national flower which is declared in 1977 and a strong symbol of Chilean identity. Then, it is a ruling that made copihue illegal for people to pick in an effort to prevent it from extinction. To take care of the Copihue, we can use soaker hoses and 24 inch watering wands to keep the soil evenly moist. If our tap water is very high in minerals, we might need to use bottled water.

  • Colombia / National Flower: Cattleya Trianae Orchid

The cattleya trianae orchid is commonly known as “May flower” and has been declared as the national flower in 1936. It is named in honor of Colombian naturalist Jose Jeronimo Triana. Cattleya Trianae is in representation of the Colombian Academy of History to determine the most representative flowering plant of Colombia. If we want to plant it by ourselves, we should approximately water once a week and reduce watering time during winter. Remember that small plants in clay pots can dry out within a couple of days.

  • Venezuela / National Flower: Orchid Cattleya Mossiae

The Cattleya Mossiae is commonly known as Cattleya Orchid or Christmas Orchid. It symbolizes resilience and endurance. Because of the light and sweet fragrance, Cattleya orchid is perfect for gifts and souvenirs. To look for Orchid Cattleya Mossiae, we can use watering wands or water cans to give it a thorough watering flow that wets all the roots in the containers. It prefers plenty of sun and air, so we need to find a suitable place for it to grow.

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