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Interesting knowledge/ Fun Facts about National Flowers/Trees to North & Central America / GREEN MOUNT

Have you ever wondered why one country chooses a certain flower as a symbol for its national flower? Some are chosen due to the plants’ characteristics, some because of the flowers’ meanings, some owing to their physic regions, and some are chosen for the well-known flowers/trees in the countries.

Those plants symbolize certain characterizes of their own countries and people would understand it by connecting the dots of the cultures and specific historical background.

We choose some countries in North and Central America.


1. Canada / National Tree: Maple Trees

Maples contribute valuable wood products and provide the sustainable maple syrup for the sugar industry; they are ideal for promoting Canada as a world leader in the sustainable management of natural forests.

Also, taking care for these trees is relatively quite easy, using one soaker hose or a water nozzle for the daily watering routine.

2. USA / National Flower: The Roses

In 1985, U.S. Senator John Deng proposed the roses as national flower. The roses symbolize beauty, fragrance, enthusiasm, and love.

Roses are a much delicate flower to take care of on a daily basis that we need to use the garden pruners to cut the branches frequently. In order not to damage the delicate petals, we strongly suggest that watering them carefully with soaker hoses which keep water underneath the soils.


3. Mexico / National Flower: Dahlias

Dahlia is the second national flower of Mexico. Mexico is the origin of dahlias that we can spot them everywhere. Mexicans regard it as a symbol of generosity, elegance, creativity and dignity flower.

We believe the best way to water such delicate yet beautiful flowers is to moisture the root zone and keeps the foliage dry by implementing PVC soaker hoses. We can also use nozzle every once a week to water deep through the soil.

4. Bahamas / National Flower: Yellow Elders

The reason why the Yellow Elder are chosen as the national flower of the Bahamas is they are native to the Bahamas islands, and they bloom throughout the year. 

To take care of and grow yellow elders, it does not need too much water which can cause mildew, rot and other damage. The best method is to use nozzles which have different patterns to choose and water them with gentle mist water and soak water flow down to the root.

5. Cuba / National Flower: Hedychium Coronarium (called Mariposa in Cuba)

Mariposa is a native flower of India but it has become so common in Cuba that it has chosen as the Cuban national flower. It is regarded as purity, rebellion and independence.

Mariposa plants thrive in partial shade in soil which has excellent drainage but remains moist. Soaker hose is the best choice to water the plants that it has different size for us to choose from and we can save water at the same time. If we use hose nozzle to water flowers, we can match it with coil hose due to the flexibility of it.

6. Nicaragua / National Flower: Sacuanjoche

Also called May Flower, the gorgeous Sacuanjoche was adopted as Nicaragua’s national flower in 1971. “Sacuan” means beautiful yellow petals and “joche” means flower. Unlike other flowers, Sacuanjoche are intensely fragrant and have different scents. Each variety smells unique.

It is quite easy to take good care of Sacuanjoche that we can water frequently even every day in the summer, but we should stop watering when the leaves just begin to drop. Fireman’s nozzle with Jet and Mist spraying patterns can help us water flowers comfortably and flexibly.

7. Panama / National Flower: Peristeria Elata

Peristeria Elata is a species of orchid occurring from Central America to Panama. It is the type species of its genius. Peristeria Elata is commonly referred to as Holy Ghost orchid, dove orchid or flower of the Holy Spirit in English. Since 1936, Panama declared Peristeria Elata as their national flower in the Flower Festival.

In the flowering or growing season more water is requires at the roots that soaker hose and sprinkler are good choices for watering plant. As for potted plant, we can use water can to water it and use shovel to organize the soil regularly.

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