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What Should Be Noted When Using and Buying GREEN MOUNT Pole Pruning Saws

Pruning helps trees grow healthily and maintain a desirable shape. There are different kinds of pruning gardening tools, such as pruners, folding saws, pole pruning saws (manual and powered). They use for the same functions but different purposes. Prior to this article, Green Mount shared two articles talking about pruners and folding saws. If you still have not read them yet, welcome to read them after reading this topic. I will put the link at the end of today’s article.

The main feature of pole pruning saw is that it is extendable. We can stretch the length at certain length as needed. Some trees are too tall to prune the branches by using pruners or folding saws and it would be dangerous if we climb up the ladders. Pole pruning saws help us to prevent climbing ladders and adding safety to cut the branches. 

No matter we are using manual pole pruning saws or powered pole pruning saws; we should all follow the safety instruction. In order not to be hurt from the fallen branches or the thick vines, we can wear some protective gardening gears such as gardening gloves, goggles and helmets. Another thing is that we should prune branches when there is no anybody or any animals around us (except he or she wears the protective gears too) to make sure that we will not hurt any passersby or animals. Protect others and ourselves is the most crucial point that everybody should pay attention and put in the priority.

Next, we should choose the pole pruning saws with tension spring bar which can help us easily fix the branches between the saw teeth and spring bar. This can not only stabilize the branches when we are pruning at longer distance, but also make operators easier to operate the pole pruning saws. The tension spring bar is where the patent is. It is specially designed for beginners and people who do not often operate it. Green Mount new professional pole pruning saws with tension spring bar and high quality will become our best tree-trimming partner for sure.


After pruning the branches, trimming the trees or cutting the woods, do not just leave them on ground. They can be stored in our garage or anywhere cool, dry and keep away reaching to children.

Last, stand in the right place and hold it by hands. If we are beginners or we do not use it very often, we can ask family members or others to work with us. Do not use pole pruning saws (manual and powered) alone to minimize accidents. They are useful and easy operating gardening tools if we get used to or skilled in using pole pruning saws.

In short, these are few points we should keep in mind when using pole pruning saws. Do not try to do anything beyond its functions. Do not use pole pruning saw to cut the branches where we can easily reach by hands. It may hurt us or others at the same time.

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